Rajshahi Board 2020

SSC E2 Board Question Rajshahi Board 2020

English (compulsory) second paper

 Part-A: Grammar (60 Marks)

1. Fill in the blanks with suitable words given in the box below. You may need to change the form of words and you can use one word more than once.


Nowadays, parents are very (a) — of the harmful effect of (b) — on children. Child Psychologists think that (c) — physical and mental punishment can be disastrous (d) — a child’s growth and (e) —. It may lead to (f) — and hatred of the person who (g) — the child. Again, if a child (h) — punished, he may lack initiative. He may also feel hostile (i) — others. So, rude behaviour gradually (j) — in him.

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

Diligence means an (a) — to perform a work successfully. God has given us two hands to (b) —. From the (c) — of the world, human beings have been (d) — with nature to keep hold of their (e) —. If they did not struggle, they might have (f) — long ago. Thus, we see that diligence is (g) — in our personal, social and national life. The student who is (h) — diligent, makes a better result (i) — those who are not. So, to be (f) — everybody should be diligent.

3. Make five sentences using the parts of sentences from each column of the table below.

Corruptionbein both public and private sectors.
Our governmentmay beto remove it, we will not be able to build ‘Sonar Bangla
If wefaila curse not only to our nation but also all over the world
Itis tryingdefined as the abuse of entrusted power for the private gain.
 occursto control it with iron hand.

4. Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box below.


We (a) — to our nature for (b) — us with her gifts lavishly. We (c) — a large area of land but the negligible area of land that (d) — to us, is very fertile. We (e) — ungrateful to our soil. But our activities (f) — that we have (g) — ungrateful to our soil. We are constantly (h) — soil pollution by our unwise activities. As a result, our fertile land is (i) — its fertility which has (j) — us to grow crops easily.

5. Change the narrative style of the following text.

“Where do you like to go?” said the ticket officer. “To Rajshahi,” said the lady. “How many tickets do you need to buy and of which class?” “Three first class tickets.” “Here are the tickets and they will cost you three thousands taka.”

6. Change the following sentences according to the directions.

(a) Terrorism is a devastating phenomenon of the modern world. (Exclamatory)

(b) At present, it is called a challenge to fight against it. (Active)

(c) Who is not now in the threat of violence? (Assertive)

(d) Terrorism is more disastrous than anything. (Positive)

(e)It is one of the most corrosive problems of the modern world. (Comparative)

(f) Nobody wants his children to be terrorist in future. (Interrogative)

(g)Though there is law to punish the terrorists, it is not properly applied. (Simple)

(h) By applying the law properly, we can get rid of it. (Complex)

(i)We have to create social awareness to fight against corruption. (Compound)

(j)We all should avoid the killers of mankind. (Negative)

7. Complete the following sentences.

(a) But for your timely intervention –

(b) Many days passed —.

(c) A child — is afraid of fire.

(d) Work hard provided that —.

(e) Blessing is not valued —.

8. Complete the following text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis.

(a) — (persevere) is needed to be (b) — (success) in life. Those who do not persevere in life become (c) — (success) in their mission and only blame their lot for their (d) — (fortune). (Persevere) people always become successful. (f) — (sincere) is another important virtue which (g) — (able) a person to accomplish a job (h) — (fruit). Student life is the (i) — (form) period of a man’s life. One should not (j) — (use) this period of life.

9. Make tag questions of the following statements.

(a) Everybody respects freedom fighters, — ?

(b) They fought for the independence of our country, —?

(c)Their sacrifice has given us freedom in every sphere of life, —?

(d) Their names are written in golden letters, —?

(e) We should never forget them, —?

10. Complete the passage using suitable connectors.

Teaching is such a profession (a) — helps to build a nation. A teacher is (b) — a guide (c) — a pioneer. He has to dedicate to this noble profession in order to guide the nation. (d) — he is called an architect of a new society. (e) — he neglects his duties, social discipline will break down.

11. Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.

my dear mother your letter is just to hand it seems to me that you are anxious for me but you need not think about me

Part B: Composition (40 Marks)

12. Suppose, you are Toma/Tomal. You have completed BSc and are looking for a job. You have seen a vacancy advertisement in ‘The Daily Star’ for the post of an ‘Office Assistant of a company. Now, write a CV with a cover letter for the post. Your CV should not exceed one page.

13. Suppose, you are Bakul, a student of Khulna Zilla School. You are interested to go on a study tour. Now, write an application to the Headmaster of your school seeking permission to go on a study tour.

14. All the beings depend on trees for their existence. So, we should plant trees more and more every year. Now, write a paragraph on ‘Tree Plantation’,

15. Write a composition on ‘Your Favourite Hobby’.

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