Completing Sentence (SSC)

SSC E2 Grammar Completing Sentence

Completing Sentence for SSC


  1. (a) We should `no’ to corruption because corruption is disgraceful.
    (b) Corruption persons are not only dishonest but also criminals.
    (c) Now, it is high time we removed corruption from society.
    (d) We should work together if we want to establish a corruption-free society.
    (e) But we are so self-centered that we always think of self-interest.

  2. (a) AIDS is a fatal disease which is incurable/is very dangerous.
    (b) It is such a disease that leads the patient to death.
    (c) The first AIDS patient was a man who worked in the Royal Navy.
    (d) The doctors suggest that prevention is the only solution so far.
    (e) There is no further remedy that can cure the patient.

  3. (a) United we stand divided we fall.

(b) Don’t you know this wise saying?
(c) Unless you are united, you will not prosper.
(d) The story of the old man and his sons teaches us that unity is strength.
(e) It is high time we learnt the lesson.


  1. (a) As flower is a symbol of love, beauty and purity, it is liked by all.
    (b) There is hardly any person who does not hate a liar.
    (c) We can turn our enemies into friends if we love them.
    (d) It is said that those who do not love flowers are cruel.
    (e) Many people cultivate flowers because they love flowers.

  2. (a) Since Bangladesh is an agricultural country her economy depends largely on agriculture.
    (b) As her economy depends on agriculture, she needs to put emphasis on it.
    (c) We have to develop cultivation scientifically so that we can grow more crops.
    (d)Though our farmers work hard, they do not get what they need.
    (e) They cannot improve their condition because they are poor and uneducated

  3. (a) We should be sincere because sincerity brings success.
    (b) All great men are sincere and they become successful.
    (c) If any work is not done properly, it will not result in success.
    (d) But sincerity does not mean only to do any work properly;it also means to do any work honestly.

(e) Everybody must remember that without sincerity none can attain success.

  1. (a) If we drink arsenic-polluted water, we are sure to fall sick.
    (b) Surface water is safe when it is boiled.
    (c) Pond water is not safe as different types of filthy things are mixed with it.
    (d)The illiterate people of our country fall a prey to various diseases because they are not conscious of their health.
    (e) Since there is scarcity of pure water, everybody living there fetches drinking water from the tube well of the neighboring village.

  2. (a) A proverb goes that timeand tide wait for none.
    (b) If he makes the best use of his time, he will shine in life.
    (c) But if he does otherwise, he is sure to lag behind in the race of life.
    (d) If he once falls behind, he will not be able to compete with others.
    (e) So he should make the use of his time so that he can be successful.

  3. (a) There goes a proverb that time and tide wait for none.
    (b) Though lost wealth can be regained by hard work,lost time can’t be regained.
    (c)  Time is so valuable that we should not waste it.
    (d) Those who have become great in life utilized their time properly.
    (e) If we make the best use of time, we’ll shine in life.

  4. (a) I purchase books whenever I get the opportunity.
    (b) On the 21st of February I went to Ekushey Boi Mela which was organized at Bangla Academy.

(c) I went to the book fair so that I could buy books.
(d) There I found hundreds of book stalls where so many books were nicely arranged.
(e) I was delighted that I could come close to renowned novelist Humayun Ahmed .

  1. (a) The sky is cloudy and the weather is gloomy.
    (b) I think that it may rain.  

(c) If it rains, I shall not go out.
(d)There are some boys who like to play in the rain.
(e) I don’t like to play in the rain because I may become sick.

  1. (a) A college is a seat for learning, so it should be calm and peaceful.

(b) It should be a calm and peaceful place where the students would be able to study attentively.
(c) But nowadays a peaceful atmosphere is absent from the college because there are political violence and student clashes.
(d) The students who live in a noisy environment will face noise pollution.
(e) The sooner it can be controlled, the better the life will be.

  1. (a) I do not like people who tell lies.

(b) I believe that everybody can shine in life.
(c) I prefer wearing clean, ironed clothes and polished shoes.
(d) People who are not punctual cannot shine in life.
(e) I think those who are untidy in their lifestyle will lag behind.

  1. (a) Television serials are getting so popular that children become addicted to them.
    (b) Despite their widespread popularity, television serials have some demerits also.
    (c) Those television programmes are affecting not only the attitudes of our youths but also their dress style.

(d) Television programmes have to be entertaining as well as educative.
(e) By telecasting good programme, television can play a great role in respect of entertainment.

  1. (a) Since Bangladesh is an overpopulated country, the unemployment problem is acute here.
    (b) Instead of being an asset, the population has become a burden.
    (c) Though some steps have been taken, the population is still increasing.
    (d) If people had been conscious, the population problem would have been controlled.
    (e) It is time we controlled the growth of our population.

  2. (a) He was competent enough to get a scholarship.
    (b) Getting a scholarship is so competitive that only the brilliant/best students can get it.

(c) Studying abroad is too expensive for an ordinary student to afford.
(d) Navid is applying for a scholarship in order that he can go abroad to study.
(e) Studying abroad will not only upgrade his qualifications but also promote his intellectual development.

  1. (a) Truthfulness is a great virtue because it makes a great.

(b)One cannot command the respect of others unless he is truthful.

(c)One may succeed once or twice by telling a lie but he can’t continue it for a long time.

(d)You will not be trusted if you are a liar.

(e)So it is a wise decision to speak the truth always.

  1. (a) This is Bangladesh where we live.

(b)The people of Bangladesh are friendly though they are poor.

(c)When anyone falls in danger, others help him.

(d)We love and help one another as if we were brothers and sisters.

(e)We work unitedly so that Bangladesh can prosper day by day.

  1. (a)Water is so vital to all natural resources that it is called life.

(b)It is water which we need to live.

(c)Our agriculture which is our main source of economy depends on rainfall.

(d)Though Bangladesh is blessed with rivers our farmers do not get water during the dry season.

(e)If the rainfall is timely crops grow well.

  1. (a)If we invest in education for girls they will be self-reliant.

(b)It is education which is the backbone of a nation.

(c)Educated women have higher income potential than those who have no education.

(d)Those mothers who are educated can take care of both male and female children.

(e)It is important to realize that girls can contribute to society like boys.

  1. (a) The two friends were traveling through a forest which was full of wild animals.

(b)They were frightened when they saw a bear.

(c)One of them knew how to climb a tree but the other did not.

(d)The friend who knew how to climb left his friend.

(e)He climbed up a tree so that he could save his life.

  1. (a)The term “Health” means soundness of both body and mind.

(b)Without a sound physique you can’t enjoy a sound mind.

(c)An unhealthy rich man can’t enjoy a sound mind.

(d)So, it is called one of the greatest gifts. 

(e)A proverb goes that health is wealth.

  1. (a) There goes a proverb that time and tide wait for none.

(b)Though lost wealth can be regained by hard work, lost time can never be got back.

(c)Time is so valuable that we should not waste a single moment.

(d)Those who have become great in life have made the best use of time.

(e)If we make the best use of time we can shine in life.

  1. (a) You cannot find others to love you unless you love them.

(b) It is love that unites all.   

(c)Love is divine which ensures peace in the world.

(d)Your friends cannot help loving you if you love them.

(e)If you are not loved, it is good evidence that you don’t love others.

  1. (a)Many dishonest people cut trees so that they can get a quick benefit.

(b)But if we cut trees at random, our country will turn into a desert.

(c)Besides, trees bring rainfall which is essential for agriculture.

(d)Trees supply oxygen without which we can’t think of our existence.

(e)Since trees help us in many ways we should plant more trees.

  1. (a) I have a garden and it is in front of my reading room.

(b) When I get time, I go into my garden.

(c)I water the plants so that they can grow well.

(d)I have put a fence around the garden which protects the garden.

(e) When I see the garden full of flowers, I forget the sufferings of daily life.

  1. (a) Once there was a king who was fond of knowing his future.

(b) It is so happened that a famous astrologer stopped at his capital.

(c) The king called on him and wanted to know his future.

(d) The astrologer told him something which was quite unpleasant.

(e) At this the king grew so furious that he ordered his men to kill him.

  1. (a) Once there was a hungry fox who was searching for food.

(b) He removed here and there and came to a vineyard.

(c) He saw fine bunches of ripe grapes and felt tempted.

(d) He felt so tempted that his mouth watered at the sight of them.

(e) The grapes were hanging so high that he could not reach them.

  1. (a) Once there lived a maiden whose name was Cinderella.

(b) Cinderella’s mother was dead and she had to work hard in the kitchen.

(c) She had two elder sisters who were unkind to her.

(d) They made her stay in the kitchen and do all the hard work.

(e) She was so shocked that she always remembered her dead mother.

  1. (a)It is true that man is the architect of his own fate.

(b)He can achieve what he desires.

(c)It is a wrong idea that man’s life is decided by fate.

(d)It is not fate but sincere efforts that make him successful.

(e)There may be ups and downs but he should not lose heart.

  1. (a) Once there were two friends who were very intimate.

(b) One day when they were passing through a forest they saw a bear coming toward them

(c) One of the friends knew that a bear does not touch a dead body.

(d) One friend climbed up a tree and did not think of the fate of the other friend.

(e) The friend who could not climb up a tree pretended to be dead.

  1. (a) A farmer who produces food for others lives in a village.

(b) He cultivates others’ land because he has no land of his own.

(c) He is illiterate and so he can not apply the scientific methods of cultivation.

(d) If he can cultivate scientifically he can produce more crops.

(e) His face smiles when crops grow in plenty.

  1. (a) Traffic jam is a common affair which occurs in big cities and towns.

(b) Most of this problem occurs in areas where roads are very narrow.

(c) It kills our valuable time and hampers our work.

(d) It causes great suffering to the ambulances which carry patients.

(e) This problem can be solved if spacious roads are constructed.

  1. (a) It was a hot summer day when a crow was very thirsty.

(b) It wanted to drink but there was no want to drink.

(c) He flew on and on in search of water but failed. 

(d) Then it took a rest as it was tired.

(e) When it woke, it began to search for water again.

  1. (a) Robert Bruce fought against the British soldiers so that he could free his country.

(b) He fought six battles one after another, but he was defeated each time.

(c) But at last he lost heart and gave up hope of success.

(d) When he was dethroned he took shelter in a cave.

(e) One day he found a spider who was trying to reach the ceiling

  1. (a) Once there was a woodcutter who used to cut wood in the jungle.

(b)Though he was poor he was honest.

(c) He worked hard, but could not earn enough.

(d) One day while he was cutting wood, all of a sudden the axe fell into the river.

(e) The woodcutter tried his best to find out his axe but failed.

  1. (a)Once there was a cobbler who was poor.

(b)But he had a neighbour who was rich.

(c)One day the neigbour came to the cobbler and wanted to know his condition.

(d)The cobbler told him that he had no problem.

(e)The cobbler also said that he was happy.

  1. (a)It is known that gold is a precious metal.

(b)It glitters and looks very beautiful.

(c)There are many worthless things that also glitter.

(d)This means that all that glitters is not gold.

(e)So the proverb teaches us that we should not judge a thing on its outward appearance.

  1. (a) We work hard so that we can prosper in life.

(b) If we are not industrious, we cannot be great in life.

(c) A man who leads an idle life, always remains poor.

(d) An idle man can never help people and so he cannot change his own fate.

(e) We know the proverb that man is the maker of his own fate.

  1. (a) Though Bangladesh is a small country, she is burdened with a huge population.

(b)But her overpopulation can be turned into an asset.

(c)It is high time we did something for the country.

Women who constitute half of the total population can contribute much in this regard.

(e)It is our duty to do something for the country.

  1. (a) It is true that opportunity does not come always.

(b)So if we miss any opportunity, we have to suffer a lot.

(c)We are not sure that another chance will come.

(d)So it is our duty that we should make the best use of any opportunity.

(e)Those who are prudent do not miss any opportunity.

  1. (a)Since man is a social being, he cannot live alone.

(b) He cannot do whatever he likes.

(c)If he wants to enjoy peace, he is to abide by social rules.

(d)If he does not follow the social rules, there will be chaos and conflict.

(e)If he respects others, they will also respect him.

  1. (a)We eat so that we can preserve our health.

(b) So we should bear in mind that we do not eat just to satisfy hunger.

(c)If we want good health, we should eat a balanced diet.

(d)People who live in the midst of plenty do not always eat a balanced diet.

(e)The fact is that they have no knowledge about food value.

  1. (a)Once there was a greedy farmer who had a goose.

(b)He was not happy though the goose would lay a golden egg daily.

(c)He became so greedy that he wanted to have all the eggs at a time.

(d)So he took a knife and cut the belly of the goose.

(e)But it was an irony of fate that he found nothing in the belly of the goose.

  1. (a)Man is not satisfied with what he has seen and known.

(b)Since he is curious, he wants to know about historical places.

(c)When he visits a historical place, he knows many things.

(d)So when we get free time, we should visit a historical place.

(e)We should pay a visit to a historical place because it will enrich our domain of knowledge.

  1. (a)There was an old farmer who had four sons.

(b) Though the sons were grown up, they had no good relationship with one another.

(c)They were so disobedient that they always quarreled among themselves.

(d)The old man tried to make them united but they didn’t pay any heed to him.

(e)As he was getting old, he became very anxious about their future.

  1. (a) Honest is the best policy that is known to all.

(b)An honest man is loved by all.

(c)He may not be rich but he is respected everywhere.

(d)Only an honest way can lead the country to progress.

(e)Everybody should try to cultivate honesty.

  1. (a)Mobile phones have brought a revolution in the field of communication.

(b)Owing to the latest technology, Bangladesh has made a great leap in the world of communication.

(c)Bangladesh still has a long way to go to make this facility further available to all and very easily.

(d)Mobile phone operators are trying to reduce the call rate.

(e)Mobile phone users have the right to enjoy a lower call rate.

  1. (a)When we eat food, we should bear in mind that only the right kind of food can preserve our health.

(b)We eat so that we may live.

(c)If we want to enjoy good health we must take a balanced diet.

(d)Sometimes it so happens that living in plenty we fail to choose the right kind of food.

(e)As a result they suffer from various diseases which may cause death.

  1. (a) Poverty is a curse that makes our life miserable.

(b)Many people who live below the poverty level cannot fulfill their daily needs.

(c)They blame their own lot for their misfortune.

(d)It is true that an idle and  inactive person suffers in the long run.

(e)But many active and energetic persons idle away their time for nothing.

  1. (a)We learn English because it is an international language.

(b)Our students are afraid of English they don’t learn it in a proper way.

(c)Unless we learn English we will lag behind in the race of globalization.

(d)Without learning English we cannot expect good jobs.

(e)It is time we gave emphasis on learning English.

  1. (a)It is hope that helps us to live.

(b) Life would be intolerable if there is no hope.

(c)It cheers our minds and delights our souls.

(d)There is no end of hope, when hope is gone life becomes meaningless.

(e)Life without hope is meaningless. Where there is life.

  1. (a) We earn money so that we can live well.

(b)But we should not hanker after money as money cannot bring real happiness.

(c)Some people earn money in an unfair way though they are not in need of it.

(d)Although money is needed for our living we should not commit any crime for earning it.

(e)Unless we are honest in earning money we cannot be happy.

  1. (a)We take food so that we can live.

(b) We cannot keep good health unless we eat a balanced diet.

(c)Some people become sick though they have plenty of food.

(d)This is because they eat a lot of fatty foods.

(e)We can make our food balanced if we eat a lot of vegetables.

  1. (a)Time which is very valuable should be maintained properly.

(b)The person who idles away if suffers a lot/cannot succeed in life.

(c)The prosperous nation always uses time properly.

(d)But we as a nation do not realize the value of time.

(e)So, to become an idle nation we must be punctual.


  1. (a) There is a proverb that time and tide wait for none.

(b)One cannot get his lost money and health back but one cannot get back one’s lost time.

(c)Time once lost is lost forever.

(d)If we leave our work for tomorrow we will lag behind.

(e) Man who wastes time idly suffers in the long run.

  1. (a)Those who are honest are respected by all.

(b) It is honesty that makes a man great.

(c) If one’s desire is honest he may shine in life for the time being.

(d)Their destruction is bound to happen serious havoc.

(e)If you meditate, you can feel heavenly bliss.

  1. (a)We are the citizens of a country which now is beset with various acute problems.

(b) Independence is the bright right of a man, but in most cases, people have to struggle to gain it.

(c)Again, the people of an independent country must preserve it, because it holds our head up among all the nations.

(d)If we are not careful there is a chance to lose our independence.

(e)We can take an instance from our valiant sons who sacrificed their lives for their motherland.

  1. (a)It is known to all that industry is the key to success.

(b)Unless a man works hard he will not succeed in life.

(c)The man who touched the highest peak success is praised by all.

(d)Nothing is possible for a man who is sincere.

(e)So, we must be industrious so that we can attain success.


  1. (a)One can prosper in life if one tries heart and soul

(b)We have to work hard to prosper in life

(c)Those who are idle cannot prosper in life

(d)Idle people are nothing but liabilities to the country

(e)They give nothing to society as well as to the family.


  1. (a)We learn English because we need it in almost every sphere of our life.

(b) Our students are afraid of learning English which is a foreign language.

(c) Unless we learn English we will not be able to get handsome jobs.

(d)For higher education English is a must because almost all books essential for this level are written in English.

(e)It is time we learn English.

  1. (a)Time that is lost once is lost forever.

(b)There is a proverb that time and tide wait for none.

(c)It is time that never stops its journey. 

(d) It does not wait for anyone and marches on.

(e) One must suffer in the long run if one does not make the best use of time.


  1. (a)It is said that  God helps those who help themselves.

(b)In youth the mind is soft and we can shape it as we want.

(c)If we lose the morning hours of lie we are sure to suffer in the long run.

(d)If we sow good seeds in youth we shall reap a good harvest in old age.

(e)If we remain lazy we must suffer the pangs of poverty.


  1. (a) Sumi reads attentively lest she should fail in the long run.

(b) She could not come out successful, Though he worked hard.

(c)If she were serious from the beginning she would be successful.

(d)After the result she pretended as though she had known everything.

(e)But she started reading with a view to becoming successful.


  1. (a)A proverb goes that time and tide wait for none.

(b)If he makes the best use of his time he is sure to prosper in life.

(c)But if he does otherwise he is sure to suffer in the long run.

(d)If once he fails behind he will not be able to keep pace with time.

(e)So he should make the best use of his time so that he can prosper in life.  


  1. (a)Dowry means property or money that is determined by the bridegroom.

(b)Those who are greedy demand it.

(c)If the guardians fail to fulfill the demand of the bridegroom the brides may be tortured.

(d) The helpless parents of the bride are compelled to provide dowry even if have no ability.

(e) As dowry is a social curse it must be removed from society.


  1. (a)We work hard so that we can prosper in life.

(b)Peace and prosperity are not possible if ‘we do not work hard.

(c)A man who—brings misery for him is lazy

(d)There is nobody who does not hate a liar

(e)Since he is unsuccessful in his life he will suffer in the long run.


  1. (a)Every year many tourists visit Cox’s Bazar with a view to enjoying their holidays.

(b)On the sea beach, they feel like playing like children.

(c)The Bay is so vast and eye-catching that tourists come here frequently.

(d)But the beauty and serenity of Cox’s Bazar are being spoilt.

(e)If we cannot preserve the beauty and serenity of Cox’s Bazer we will lose the best tourist attraction in the country.


  1. (a)Computer is one of the greatest wonders of modern science.

(b)It renders great service to mankind.       

(c) A computer is a blessing to human beings.

(d)Though it is a blessing it has some demerits.

(e)We cannot help going a single moment without computers.


  1. (a) Everyman has a great desire for wealth but very few can achieve it.

(b) Some people hanker after riches while others desire fame.

(c) In fact, true happiness lies in contentment, so we should be contented with what we have.

(d)Those who hanker after riches cannot be happy.    

(e)It is high time we met him.


  1. (a)There goes a proverb that time and tide wait for none.

(b) Though lost wealth can be regained by hard work, lost time can never be regained.

(c)Time is so valuable that we cannot waste it.

(d)Those who have become great in life have made the best use of time.

(e) If we make the best use of the time we can prosper in life.


  1. (a) 1971 is the year when our Liberation war broke out.

(b) Brave sons sacrificed their lives to free the homeland.

(c) On the night of 14 December, the Pakistani Army and the ‘Rajakar killed the intellectuals mercilessly.

(d) But the enemies could not repress our spirit although we were weaker in arms.

(e)Therefore we salute the freedom fighters and hate those who were against the Liberation War.


  1. (a) Though a student’s main duty is to study he must take part in extracurricular activities.

(b) He should read newspapers and other books which are the sources of general knowledge.

(c) A student must take care of his health because health is the root of all happiness.

(d) He must observe the rules of health so that he can keep his body fit.

(e) If there is any natural calamity he should take part in humanitarian work.


  1. (a)Bangladesh is our homeland where we live peacefully.

(b)Though it is a small country it has a huge population.

(c) Bangladesh is a country of natural scenery which is beautiful.

(d)Most of the people who live in villages work in the field.

(e)They are poor because they are illiterate.


  1. (a)Bangladesh has three World Heritage Sites, though she is a small country.

(b)The Shat Gambuj Mosque is a 15th-century Islamic edifice that is one of the three world heritage site.

(c)Khan Jahan Ali came to Bagerhat so that he could spread the light of Islam.

(d)The mosque was used not only as a prayer hall but also as a court.

(e)Since it is one of the greatest tourist attractions. it should be maintained properly.


  1. (a) If we lose the morning hours of our life, we shall suffer in the long run.

(b)As a student, you should read properly so that you can shine in life.

(c)Students should read textbooks again and again with a view to understanding their lessons properly.

(d) Unless lies the head that wears a crown.

(e)When the students stood up the teacher entered the classroom.


  1. (a) Since Bangladesh is an overpopulated country unemployment problem is acute.

(b)Instead of being an asset, the population has become a burden.

(c)Though some steps have been taken, the population is still increasing.

(d)If people had been conscious, the population problem would have been controlled. 

(e)It is time we controlled the growth of our population.


  1. (a)A wise man is one who has wisdom

(b)Knowledge is very useful but wisdom cannot  be neglected

(c)We need a special kind of education that helps us to gain wisdom.

(d)Wisdom guides us to make the best use of our knowledge and become successful

(e)Without wisdom we cannot take him to the nearest hospital.


  1. (a)It is true that most of the parents in our country are not interested enough to send their children to school.

(b)Parents think that spending money on their children’s education is unwise especially when the child is a girl.

(c)They think female children need no education because they cannot help their parents in their old age.

(d)To lessen discrimination in children’s educational status the government gives subsidies for female children so that parents can send their female children to school.

(e)It is a good sign that nowadays people are seen as more serious about their children’s education.


  1. (a) We should be sincere because sincerity brings success.

(b) All great men are sincere and they become successful.

(c)If any work is not done properly it will not result in success.

(d)But sincerity does not mean only to do any work properly, it also means to do any work honestly.

(e) Everybody must remember that without sincerity none can attain success.


  1. (a)The national Memorial which is situated at Savar is a symbol of the nation’s respect for the

(b)It is built of concrete, but made of blood.

(c)It is an achievement that is immeasurable.

(d)But it stands for the achievement of martyrs who are immortal.

(e)It stands upright for the millions of martyrs who laid down their lives for the freedom of their motherland.


  1. (a)One can prosper in life if one tries heart and soul

(b) We have to work hard to prosper in life.    

(c)Those who are idle cannot prosper in life.

(d)Idle people are nothing but liabilities to the country.

(e)They give nothing to society as well as to the family.


  1. (a)It is youth that is the prime time of our life.

(b)When there is not only physical strength but also vigor of mind  

(c)This is the period of time when we have much courage among us.

(d)The youth can struggle a lot so that they can make their mission successful.

(e)A youth can have confidence in the order he can face any situation on the way to his goal.


  1. (a)Sincerity is indispensable in our life.  

(b)It is sincerity that helps to do any work properly.

(c)If we are sincere we can reach our goal.

(d) Those who have become sincere are sincere in their way of life.

(e)A student must be sincere in his studies so that he can do well in the examination.


  1. (a)Education is the only way which can accelerate all our development work.

(b)It paves the way so that we can ensure the development of our country.

(c) If we make all the illiterate masses educated we can make them skilled workers.

(d)We can make them skilled workers in order that they can contribute to the country.

(e)The conscious people should play a vital role to make our country developed.


  1. (a)Books are men’s best companions in life.

(b) You may not get good friends as long as when you need them.

(c)But it is books always ready to be by your side.

(d)They are your real friends as long as you are alive.

(e) To satisfy our thirst for knowledge, we have to read more and more books.


  1. (a)It is cricket which is a very exciting game.

(b) At present it is the most popular game in our country.

(c) Though cricket is a costly game, people of all classes enjoy playing it.

(d)Bangladesh is a test-playing country but its standard is not high.

(e) It is better we took effective measures to upgrade the standard.


  1. (a)It is happiness that is a relative term.

(b) A person with a crown who lives in a palace may not be happy.

(c) Rather a day labourer may have happiness living in a shabby hut.

(d)Again, it is happiness that varies from person to person.

(e) A beggar can be happy if he has a coin.


  1. (a)Unemployment is a state when a man has no work to earn money.

(b) It is a social evil that hampers the progress of social life.

(c) If the income of the people increases the development of the country will be accelerated.

(d)It is reasonable income that increases the per capita income.

(e)Unemployment is a social evil that must be eradicated at any cost.


  1. (a)Truthful is one of the greatest virtues of a man.

(b) The person who is truthful is trusted everywhere.

(c) Unless we are truthful we cannot shine in life.

(d)It is better to avoid telling lies.

(e)A truthful person is so bold in his spirit that nothing can daunt him.


  1. (a)It is character that is one of the greatest assets of a man.

(b) Those who are bestowed with good character, earn respect from all.

(c)A person may be of blue blood but he may not have good character.

(d)It is in childhood when we should build up good character.

(e) It is high time we built up character.


  1. (a)Contentment is the key to success in life.

(b)The person, who is content with his honest means, is a happy man.

(c)An honest man does not care about anybody.

(d) Though he has to suffer, for the time being, he will win in the long run.

(e) It is high time we tried our best to be honest in our way of life.


  1. (a)We should make the habit of reading books so that we can acquire knowledge.

(b) The books which are written by famous writers are a great source of knowledge.

(c)Nobody gets perfection in life if he does not try to remove ignorance.

(d) If we read books, we can remove ignorance.

(e)We want to make society civilized and there is no alternative to reading books.


  1. (a)Independence is our birthright.

(b)Though we are now independent, we had to achieve it at the cost of a sea of blood.

(c) Our heroic sons sacrificed their lives to liberate our land.

(d)The National Memorial signifies the supreme sacrifice of our valiant fighters.

(e)We should take some positive steps so that we can upgrade the status of our freedom fighters.


  1. (a) There is no doubt that computer is a boon to human civilization.  

(b) Computer is an electronic device that performs mathematical calculations.

(c)Computer is used in all sectors of life so it is widely used in the field of space, administration, treatment, etc.  

(d) If we are sincere enough, we can learn the use of computers.

(e)Despite their multilateral uses computer is not without any bad impact.


  1. (a)Illiteracy is a great problem in Bangladesh.

(b)There are many reasons responsible for our illiteracy.

(c)Our people are now trying sincerely so that this problem can be uprooted from the country.

(d) Though our government has taken some bold steps, still the rate of illiteracy is on the increase.

(e) It is high time we reduced the rate of illiteracy beyond imagination.


  1. (a) Patriotism is a noble virtue.

(b)Though it is an inherent instinct in human nature Muslims regard it as a part of their faith.

(c)Unless we can sacrifice ourselves for our nation we shall not be termed as patriots.

(d)A true patriot speaks as if we were ready to come forward for the security of the country.

(e)We should be motivated so that all of us strongly feel for the national issues.


  1. (a) Ratan is a boy who is very industrious.

(b) Since he wants to do well in the examination, he never neglects his studies.

(c) Though he comes of a poor family, he wants to continue to his studies.

(d) He knows that he has to earn knowledge to change his condition.

(e) He is confident that he will cut a good figure in the examination.


  1. (a) It is punctuality that is one of the qualities of a man.

(b) Those who are punctual can reach the summit of success.

(c) As he is punctual, he never leaves any work for the next day.

(d) Though he has to do a lot of work, he does not show any excuse.

(e) We should be punctual so that we can succeed in life.


  1. (a) Books are men’s best companions in life.

(b) You may not get good friends when you need them.

(c) But it is books that are always ready to be by your side.

(d) They are your real friends as long as you are alive.

(e) To satisfy our thirst for knowledge, we have to read more and more books.


  1. (a) It is happiness that is a relative term.

(b) A person with a crown who lives in a palace may not be happy.

(c) Rather a day labourer may have happiness living in a shabby hut.

(d) Again, it is happiness that varies from person to person.

(e) A beggar can be happy if he has a coin.

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